The UX process behind designing our mobile menu.

GAMINGbible menu in use

When given the exciting task to design the new website for GAMINGbible, one of the major points I wanted to focus on was the mobile menu. I’m not a fan of the hamburger menu and I’ve seen many users grow frustrated after being forced to scroll up and through many layers of content to get where they wanted. These two annoyances gave birth to GAMINGbible — a completely new style of mobile navigation.

Step 1: Research

In true UX fashion, I began with research. What is out there, what are the pros and cons of…

How I’m getting my s**t together in 2020

There are a lot of new projects I want to take on this year, and a lot of personal improvements I would like to make too. Instead of saying “yes” to everything and getting overwhelmed, I decided to start by getting organised, putting a system in place for peace of mind when life inevitably goes Pete Tong 🙃

Step one: Clean and Tidy

Simple and the easiest way to start, my house mate Sophia and I gutted the flat, threw away any crap we no longer needed. …

When approaching a web design task Sketch has been my tool of choice for some time, I find it a lot more efficient than Photoshop and using Sketch has sped up the way I work when tackling designing a website. This said I have now ditched Sketch for a new tool and that’s Figma.

Designing in Figma is very similar to sketch, however there are a couple of features that I preferred in Figma that I have listed below.

Place image: This allows you to place an image within a shape but when resizing it will act as a mask…

Adobe Illustrator was the first design software I learnt as a junior designer. Back in 2010 my mentor, Chad Benson, used to make me trace images of trees to practice using the pen tool.

At the time I got extremely frustrated with these tasks because A: I didn’t want to draw silhouettes of trees and B: It was really hard. But looking back, this task helped me understand how vectors and nodes worked to create curves and shapes.

One of my favourite designers, that in my opinion is the Don of vector art, is Orlando Arocena AKA Mexifunk, If you…

Photo by David Travis on Unsplash.

I am a massive advocate for immersing yourself into anything you want to learn. If it’s a language speak it every day, multiple times a day. If it’s learning a new software, use it every day, multiple times a day. I’ve found this works for me at least. Making something a part of your daily routine puts you into autopilot so you don’t think about the task at hand, in comparison to if you leave it a couple of days or only try and learn for 15 minutes.

On this premise I did this exact thing with user experience design…

Holly Sunderland

UX Designer at LADbible

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